Everything you need to visually
track your projects over time

Project Tripod is designed specifically so you can capture visual change in your projects over a long period of time - using your existing on site teams!

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Why Use Project Tripod for Business?

More than 5,000 projects are already being recorded around the world

Know exactly what's going on

Project Tripod brings you closer to what's really happening on the ground. Confidentally review and track the actual progress of projects, assets and the site in real time from anywhere in the world.

Reduce costly site visits

Avoid unproductive travel time required for costly site visits. You can utilise the onsite teams to get regular visual updates of the project.

Forget about arguing with councils for access

You no longer need expensive specialised camera equipment, negotiations with council to install that equipment or the additional security required to protect it. The only hardware that is needed is the phone that onsite teams already have in their pockets.

Improve your efficiency

At any point in time, you can see in a single glance the progress of all of your projects in one place using the centralised dashboard.

Show off your work

Not only does the recording of the project help you keep track during the development stage, but by using the share and embed features, you can show off your projects internally and externally. Let the world see the awesome works you have created.

It actually IS freakin' cool, seriously! I can see all my projects in one place & share the progress with my clients where ever they are in the world!

Beta Tester Bristol, UK

It's my pleasure to use your well designed app. Thanks!

Louis O'neal Florida, US

The idea is very original and allows us to share photos that we would never have dreamed of doing!

Vittorio Rome, Italy

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This short video shows a series of photos taken over a few months using the smart phone app and then aligned with the Project Tripod software. It's so easy!

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