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  • See all your projects in one place
  • Showcase your projects internally and externally
  • No expensive equipment or mounting needed
  • Hassle free setup
  • Historically recorded, forever

See all your projects in one place

With the Project Tripod Dashboard you can easily keep track of all your current projects in one place. You can use the dashboard to add noew Projects, set up users and request new photos for Tripods. You can also share your Projects with internal and external stakeholders from here.

Showcase your projects internally and externally

Once you have started collecting your images, sharing the progress of the projects is as easy as the click of a button. Now with Project Tripod you can Share real-time time-lapse imagery of the project progress with stakeholders such as clients and senior management located around the world.

No expensive equipment or mounting needed

Your onsite team can use an app they install on their smart phones to add to the images at an interval that you can determine. Once you set up the user, they can see the projects they have access to on their phone and quickly and easily take a snap. The map and alignment software in the app help them to get the photo *almost* aligned... our software looks after the rest.

Hassle free setup

Our web based dashboard makes it simple to set up a project and start collecting images straight away! You don't need to outlay cash for expensive cameras, special equipment or installation - your team can take the snaps using their smart phone. You dont have time to waste locating & negotiating access to install cameras. With Project Tripod you can focus on building - we will look after tracking the progress and keep you updated!

Historically recorded, forever

We at Project Tripod also have a grand vision - to visually record the world as it changes around us... With Project Tripods ability to record the changes over such an extended period, you are contributing to this vision.

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